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Bel Hawkins, Lucy Blakiston

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Bel Hawkins, Lucy Blakiston

Bel Hawkins (Author)

Bel is a published poet and writer, and the voice of one of the most beloved spaces in the SYSCA universe. She's won leading awards in both advertising and media, and spent the majority of her 20s living around the world, working on projects that speak directly to worn-out women, helping people phoenix and making them feel less alone in the world.

Lucy Blakiston (Author)

Lucy launched Shit You Should Care About with her two best friends, aged 21. Within a year, the platform soared to global success, growing millions of followers and being touted as an editorial expert for millennials and Gen Z. The voice and CEO of SYSCA, Luce is the editorial director of the company and frequently speaks and advises on how to connect with Gen Z on an international stage.

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